Golf tips– SHIFTING THE GEARS in Wood

Chip: Let’s now turn our attention to what specifically initiates the change of direction from the top of the backswing. Because for many players this is a real problem move, but one I think can easily be solved if you focus on the same swing thoughts as Karen does.

As an exercise, pick up a discount golf club and make your set-up with your rear-end up against a wall. Now, having made your backswing, the feeling you want from the top is that (and how best to phrase this?) your right butt-cheek stays back on the wall while the left re-rotates in the direction of the target (planting itself on the wall). It’s not a sliding lateral move; it’s a turning motion with the left hip. And that’s what produces this dynamic Callaway X-24 Hot Irons ‘ look that Karen has -and that all good golfers look for.

The other thing I would point out here is that the left shoulder is moving down and rotating left while the right shoulder and right hip hold a split second. So, it’s left knee, left hip and left shoulder, while your right side holds.

This, incidentally, is Callaway X-24 Hot Irons that Nick Faldo used to talk about and was very good at – i.e. starting the downswing with a sense of rotating the left shoulder away from the chin, while the right side holds momentarily.

The benefit is a wonderful sequencing of the downswing and terrific width through the impact area.


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