5 Best Ways To Save Money On Buying New Golf Gear in Equipment

Are you envious of your golfing buddies who trot out the latest golf equipment each new season while you’re still playing with stuff from 5 years ago?

Is the smallest guy in your foursome continually outdriving you?

Is your driver head still made out of a once-living item?

Then maybe it’s time to invest in an upgrade in your golfing gear. Here are the 5 best ways to get that new gear and still have cash leftover for green fees;

1. Don’t Buy the Brand New Releases. Each year around February and March the top golf equipment manufacturers come out with the latest and greatest equipment and price them at top dollar. They are banking on the fact that all of us golf gear-heads will want the latest stuff in our bags for the new golf season. But if you can wait 6 months, you can pick up the same stuff for about 50% of the original price. For example, last year TaylorMade came out with the TaylorMade R9 Super-Tri Driver that retailed at release date for 9.99. That same driver can be purchased today for 9.99

2. Look for Open-Box Merchandise. What exactly is Open-Box Merchandise? Open-Box Merchandise is equipment that for some reason has been removed from the original factory packaging and therefore cannot be sold as new. In some cases it is a set club that was shipped out to a customer and for whatever reason the customer returned it UNUSED. The key word here is UNUSED. It could also have been an item that was on the store floor and again is UNUSED. The key to this is that because it is unused the original manufacturers warranty is still in effect and you can get the new-release equipment at 20-30% off full retail price.

3. Trade-in Your Used Gear. Do you really need 3 drivers or 4 putters? When buying new equipment be sure to bring in your old stuff to use as a trade-in credit towards the new gear. There is a “Blue-Book” for used golf equipment and it’s called the PGA Value Guide. Pretty much all golf equipment retailers use this to determine approximate trade-in values. But manage your expectations with trade-ins. Don’t expect to get 0 for that 9 driver after it has been used. In most cases the trade in value will start at 50% of the original price then go down from there based on age and condition of item. If you want to get more for your trade-in you can try to sell it to your buddy or take the time to sell it on an auction site like eBay. You can get started on your trade-in here.

4. “Add to Cart for Price” Ever wonder why online golf retailers make you do this just to see what the price is? Well it’s not done to make it harder for you to purchase something; it is done because the golf equipment manufacturers have what is called MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) pricing policies. MAP pricing is a form of price-fixing where the golf equipment manufactures want all their retailers to sell the equipment at the same price. One way retailers can get around this and sell at a lower price is by not showing the price of the item on the website until it is in the shopping cart. So take that extra step and add the item to the cart to see what the discounted price is. You are never obligated to buy it and can remove it any time. Believe me it is worth the extra step and you will save a lot of money.

5. Sign Up for Email Specials. The golf equipment retail business is very competitive and every retailer is looking to give their customers the best deals out there. One way to make sure you’re on top of the deals out there is to sign up for the golf retailers email specials. Instead of scouring the web for deals yourself, let the deals come to you via email. Many retailers will send exclusive coupon codes and specials out to their customers only or notify them in advance of any closeout deals coming so you can score the big deal before if gets opened up to the general public.

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